The Founder

The Albert Sevinc Foundation was grounded in 2016 by Albert Sevinc. The founder comes from Midyat in South East Turkey and is Aramaean on his father’s side and Armenian on his mother’s side. His original Aramaean family name Hadodo means, Blacksmith Smith in English, reflecting his forebears traditional profession.

As a member of two ancient Christian peoples who have suffered from centuries of oppression, persecution and expulsion from their homes and victims of the 1915/16 genocide, the founder has a special awareness regarding the suffering of surpressed peoples and injustice and violence. Albert Sevinc came to Germany in 1978 and studied Architecture in Hagen. Afterwards he worked as architect and project developer. The year 2000 grounded Albert Sevinc Planning and Building Company has completed numerous projects with great success.

Even before the start of the Foundation Albert Sevinc supported and financed Aramaean and Armenian associations, institutions and individuals. Establishing the foundation was a natural continuation of his social and humanitarian involvement. The Foundations activities will have a special connection to the two important parts of his background. His Aramaean and Armenian roots, which have influenced his identity as well as Germany which has provided a home for himself and his family.

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