Child Hospice Regenbogenland – Childhood and Death

The incurable disease of one’s child is certainly one of the most painful experiences parents would have to witness. The parental joy can be overshadowed by the pain one’s child has to suffer and the certainty that he/she would not live long due to a life-shortening illness. To ensure that the foreseeable short life of children and young people who are suffering from incurable diseases is not overshadowed by the thought of an imminent death, rather is tailored by beautiful experiences and moments is a difficult task for the employees in the child hospice.

Donation campaigns are mostly launched in case of emergencies, disasters, and catastrophe to help those who have been affected. However, few are concerned with the children’s hospices and the valuable work done there. These hospices are responsible for providing care to children who are suffering from emotional and physical challenges, and have limited lifespan. Most assume that all costs are covered by the health insurance companies, hence, the funding to these hospices is sometimes limited. However, health insurance companies cover only 95% of the costs, and the remaining 5% must be covered by donations or voluntary work. Hence, there is a need to support these hospices.

The Albert Sevinc Foundation will support the outstanding work of the children’s hospice Regenbogenland, which was established in 2004. Through the support, recognition is given to the commitment of the 60 volunteer staff working there.

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